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Better benefits at a lower cost.

What if you actually spent less money on your health plan next year? What if you save money and provide better care?


HealthPass makes it possible.

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A mortgage business with professionals working in multiple states had been absorbing double-digit rate increases on their group plan for years. Then they switched to HealthPass…

Year-One Savings
Five-Year Savings

A local construction company specializing in concrete cutting was spending nearly $600 per employee in monthly premiums. Then they switched to HealthPass.

Year-One Savings
Five-Year Savings
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Better Care. Lower Cost.

How HealthPass Employee Benefits Works


Primary + Preventive Care Without Insurance

Even if some members of a team need traditional insurance, all HealthPass plans include a membership to a Direct Primary Care (DPC) provider at no cost to the employee. These DPCs can address many medical needs with no copays or office fees. Plus, they have the time and freedom to address the root causes of chronic conditions and find personalized treatment solutions.


Customized Plans Unique to Each Business or Nonprofit

For too long, employers have been forced to either take on or pass along the rising price of health insurance premiums. We think every benefits plan should be as unique as each business. Pardon the bad pun, but we take a more surgical approach to healthcare; each plan is designed from the ground up for each organization…without the double-digit rate increases.


Long-Term Plan Planning

Unfortunately, for many owners and leaders, a health plan is unfortunately a once-a-year decision. Little time is ever given to consider options, make changes, or create a long-term strategy. Our plans are designed to keep costs stable and predictable so your business or nonprofit can save money, improve benefits, and plan for the future.


Empower Employers and Employees

We believe everyone deserves to be in control of their healthcare decisions. At HealthPass, we design health plans to maximize control, independence, and patient-centered care. This way, employers can offer better, more personalized benefits to their teams. 

Leslie V.

"As a small business, we've always wanted to offer coverage to our team. With HealthPass, we can now offer coverage and do it with someone who believes in the same culture of health.”

Yes, HealthPass Can Work for Your Organization!

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