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You are now with HealthPass.

We are so excited you have decided to take control of your healthcare by joining HealthPass, either through your employer with with an individual/family plan.


You decided to do this because you want something different. That means HealthPass will be, well, different.


We will help you make this transition as easy as possible.  

Direct Primary Care

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is primary care without insurance. This means you have a direct relationship with your primary care provider and have easy access with no copays or office fees. Your DPC can address the vast majority of your medical needs. Each DPC has a slightly different range and menu of included services, but all can diagnose conditions, address chronic conditions, prescribe medications, order labs and imaging, and make referrals.  


How do I choose a DPC?

HealthPass is always welcoming new DPCs into our network. HealthPass members usually select their DPC based on location, sex, credentials, or education. For instance, some members prefer to work with a female naturopath, while another would rather see a male MD close to work. Regardless of which DPC you choose during enrollment, you can easily switch to another provider in our network.  


How do I schedule my initial appointment?

Once your enrolment is complete and your coverage begins, you can schedule your first appointment with your DPC. Because DPCs do not work with insurance providers, they have ample time to meet you, learn your medical history, understand your health goals, and create a custom care plan. During your first appointment (usually 30-60 minutes), you’ll also learn the best way to communicate with your DPC and arrange future appointments. 


How do I switch my DPC?

Again, switching your DPC is simple. Please email with your name, your current DPC, and your preferred DPC if you have one in mind.


Zion HealthShare

How do I find my Zion HealthShare member ID?

After your enrollment is complete and your benefits begin (usually on the first of the month), you will receive an email from Zion HealthShare with instructions to enter the Member Portal and more information about their service. To find your Member ID in the future, return and log into the Member Portal at 


Where do I find the member guidelines?

The Member Guidelines can be found at 


What is an Initial Unshareable Amount?

The initial unshareable amount, or IUA, is the amount a member will pay per medical need before the Zion HealthShare community shares in medical expenses. Zion HealthShare has three IUA options: $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000. The lower your IUA, the higher your monthly contribution will be.


For a medical expense to qualify towards the IUA, it must meet the Member Guidelines and be determined eligible for sharing.

How do I make a sharing request?

You can submit a sharing request by logging into your account at Here, you can also connect with a patient advocate. 


Employee Assistance Program

How do I find my Health Access Solutions ID?

After your enrollment is complete and your coverage begins (usually the first of the month), your information will be sent to our partners at Health Access Solutions.


To find your member ID, simply go to If you have questions, you can reach their amazing support team at (800) 606-1135.


What services are available for reimbursement?

Download this PDF to see all primary and preventive services available for reimbursement.  


How do I request reimbursement?

Requests for reimbursement can be made at Scroll down and click “Reimbursement Request.”


Gym/Health Club

How do I start my included gym membership?

After your official start date (usually the first of the month after enrollment), you and all those covered on your plan can begin using your gym memberships. After this date, you visit the health club and say you are a new member and need to activate your membership. You may need to mention you are with HealthPass. The gym will need you to sign a few forms and take a photo for your membership profile. Once this is complete, you can begin using the gym. 


What is included with my membership?

Gym membership through HealthPass includes general access to the facilities and any included group exercise classes and spaces. If you wish you to add personal training or other programs, you will pay any associated dues and fees. 


Can my family use the gym?

If you are covering your spouse or children with your HealthPass membership, they will also have access to the gym. For young children at Courthouse Club Fitness, this includes access to childcare at Kids Court during available hours.



Can my DPC order new prescriptions?

Yes! Your DPC can prescribe you a new medication or make adjustments to your current regime. And if you feel ready to work away from your current medication, they have the time and freedom to develop that care plan with you. 


Can my DPC order a refill?

Yes, your DPC has the authority to order a refill of your current medication. 


How do I get the best price for prescriptions?

Work with your DPC to find the best price for your medication. Some DPCs even dispense directly certain medications directly from their office. You can use services like GoodRx, Amazon Pharmacy, or other pharmacy rebate programs. 



Can my DPC order labs?

Yes, your DPC can order labs. They almost certainly work directly with a lab and receive preferred cash-pay pricing. You will be able to know the price of the lab work before they are ordered. Your DPC can take your sample directly and deliver it to the lab on your behalf. 


How do I pay for labs?

In most cases, you will pay your DPC for the cost of the labs. Again, DPCs receive low pricing for being cash payers and will pass those savings to their patients. Depending on your DPC, you will either pay for the lab before it is delivered or after as in an invoice. 


Can my DPC order imaging?

Yes, your DPC can order imaging services like CT scans and X-rays. For these services, you will be an empowered cash payer. This means you will receive immense savings when you order through your DPC. Work with your DPC to arrange and schedule your imaging appointment. 


How do I pay for imaging? 

In most cases, you will pay for imaging at a prenegotiated rate directly to the imaging service provider. Again, you will know the price of the service before it is ordered and pay it via invoice. 


Can my DPC review labs and imaging with me?

Yes! Since your DPC does not work through insurance, they have the time and freedom to review your results in detail. Based on the results, you and your DPC will arrange a care plan based on your unique medical history and preferences.

Zion HealthShare
Employee Assitance Program
Gym/Health Club
Direct Primary Care


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