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All HealthPass plans are anchored by Direct Primary Care.

Once you experience DPC, you’ll never want to go back.

Online Medical Consultant


DPC Practices in 49 States as of 2023

Direct Primary Care is taking over.

Happy providers means happy patients.


Direct Primary Care Provider Satisfaction Rate

The vast majority of medical needs can and should be addressed at the primary care level. This is only possible with DPC.

What Is DPC?

In the Direct Primary Care model, patients have fast, easy access to their primary provider. In the DPC model, the focus is on the doctor-patient relationship with no insurance company standing in the middle. 


This means…

  • More facetime: The average appointment with a DPC is 30 minutes, compared to 7 minutes in an insurance-based clinic

  • Faster appointments: In most cases, DPCs can schedules an in-person appointment within 1-2 days, compared to 22 days with insurance-based clinics

  • Better access: DPCs can quickly respond to calls, emails, and even text messages so patients never have to fight a phone tree to reach their primary provider

  • Lower costs: Patients in a DPC practice are far less likely to need to visit urgent care or the emergency room. Plus, they do not pay a copay or office fee to see their DPC. 

What Can A DPC Do?


Each DPC is slightly different by education, experience, range of services, style, gender, and location. This means you choose a DPC based on your preference and health goals. 


Once established (the initial meeting is typically 45-60 minutes long), appointments are easy to book with little to no wait time. As one DPC puts it, “My waiting room is a waste of space, because there is no wait.” Plus, DPCs can quickly and thoughtfully answer phone calls, emails, and even text messages to save you time and money. 


Every DPC is licensed and can provide a large amount of your medical needs. They can prescribe medications, order labs, along with many other services. 


Any Other Perks of DPC?


DPCs negotiate directly with labs and imaging providers for low, predictable pricing. This means when you order labs, imaging, and other tests through your DPC, you also pay low, upfront prices for these services. 


For any service not included with your DPC membership, you will know the price before it is ordered.


Which DPC Work with HealthPass?


We work with a growing number of providers who want to work outside the current model to provide incredible care to patients.


See our roster of providers.

DPCs Working with HealthPass

In The Willamette Valley

Our roster is nationwide.

We utilize multiple regional and national DPC networks to find families and employees a primary care provider they'll love.

Ready to switch to DPC?

Join our growing roster of caring, passionate, and independent primary providers. 

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