You've taken contRol
of your health.
Now, take control
of your healthcare.

Join a new movement in healthcare. It is being led by innovative primary care physicians who have said "no more" to insurance companies and have built independent practices centered on direct connections to patients. HealthPass is a convenient, caring, and accessible alternative to the current corporate healthcare model.
Hundreds of people have already taken control of their healthcare
through HealthPass.
Hundreds of people have already taken control of their
healthcare through HealthPass.
“Our entire team thinks HealthPass is great. They especially love the fitness benefit.”
Tana S.
“I recently needed a minor surgery.  My Direct Primary Care Provider recommended the best surgeon and assisted me through the entire process.”
Chris O.
“At Venti's, we've worked hard for a long time to create a culture of health. And, as a small business, we've always wanted to offer coverage to our team. With HealthPass, we can now offer coverage and do it with someone who believes in the same culture of health.”
Leslie E.

The current system is not built for you. And it’s not changing any time soon.

Opulent offices and stadium sponsorships can’t hide the fact that you simply aren’t happy with the corporate healthcare system. It focuses on the chronically and habitually sick while relying too heavily on pills and procedures. People like you are left with few options but to pay into a system you rarely use.
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HEALTHPASS IS THE ALTERNATIVE That puts you in control of your healthcare

You deserve to be rewarded for the time, care, and attention you’ve committed to living a healthy, active life. We have found a dedicated (and growing) group of independent primary care providers who share your values and have built a system centered around the things you want most from your healthcare: connection, access, and time.


With HealthPass, your primary care provider is completely independent.

They answer only to you, not an insurance company or a hospital system.  This way, they have freedom to build a connection with you, to make communicating simple, and treat you like a person, not a patient number.


We make seeing your primary care provider is as easy as scheduling a haircut.

When needed, you can even make a same-day appointment.  In the HealthPass model, providers can address 85% of all medical needs right in their office, with no co-pay, surprise bill,  or deductible requirement.  And when you do needed specialty care, they will be there to advise and guide you.


In the current corporate model, studies have shown doctors can only spend (on average) 7 minutes with a patient.

In our model, the average appointment is over 30 minutes long, and many are longer. This allows our providers time to connect, understand you and your health history, and pursue alternative solutions to help you avoid expensive pills and procedures.

Complete Coverage

You deserve to be part of a system that rewards you for the time, care, and attention you've committed to living a healthy, active lifestyle.



You and your family choose your primary care provider among several Salem area practices. They will never charge co-pays or office fees.



Zion is the nation's top-rated medical cost sharing organization; they will help with large medical expenses should they occur.


Courthouse Club Fitness

All HealthPass plans include Courthouse memberships. You have access to all five Salem/Keizer locations and over 300 group fitness classes every week.


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