The HealthPass Mission

Too many small businesses struggle to retain great employees simply because they cannot afford to offer health benefits. Even those who can afford available health plans are being slowly crushed by the out-of-control costs of premiums.

HealthPass gives employers (businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations) a way to provide better care at almost half the cost.


First, we connect patients directly with their primary medical provider through an emerging model known as Direct Primary Care, or DPC. These MDs, DOs, NPs, and Naturopaths can address 80% to 85% of all medical needs in their local office without copays or office fees.

- 30 to 60-minute appointment times

- Same-day or next-day appointments

- Available by phone, email, or text

To protect members against the worst-case "what-ifs," we utilize proven tools like self-funding accounts and medical cost sharing.

To incentivize healthy, active lifestyles (which can prevent some of the most costly diseases like diabetes and other metabolic dysfunctions), HealthPass partners with local fitness facilities like Courthouse Club Fitness.

At our core, we want to give control back to patients and bring down the cost of healthcare. We eliminate administrative bloat; we connect patients directly with attentive, caring, and independent physicians; we provide access to family-friendly fitness facilities and programs.